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New efforts by the insurance industry to transfer the cost of caring for catastrophically injured Americans to taxpayers have surfaced. If the insurance industry is successful in its efforts to limit jury verdicts, it will no longer have to worry about insuring negligent doctors. Why? Because the taxpayers will pick up the tab for the doctor’s negligence. How will this work? Suppose a child suffers a brain injury due to the negligence of a physician. Who is going to pay for the cost of caring for that child for life with caps on damages…the taxpayers. Why? Because with a cap on the amount of money that child can receive for the human damages, there will not be enough money to provide for the care and assistance that child will need over a lifetime…The cap will only hurt catastrophically injured children and adults, but it will be devastating for them. I always though America took care of its sick and injured, but the insurance industry is trying to change that so it can make even higher profits…

Let’s look at what the Congressional Budget Office said Friday. A cap on pain and suffering damages would result in $4.1 billion a year saved out of a $2.5 trillion a year expenditure. I may be wrong in my division, but I believe that is less than one tenth of one percent savings. Is that worth transferring the care of the sick and injured away from the wrongdoer to the taxpayers. I think not.

We have to put a stop to this charade before someone in our community or family is caught up in the greed of the insurance industry. Contact your Senators and Congressmen and tell them to vote no to caps on jury verdicts.

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