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Frank Bailey
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Nursing Homes and the Frail Elderly

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My mother lives in a nursing home. She is 101 years old. I am fortunate to be able to check on her every morning as the home is just a short distance from the office.

I worry about the frail elderly whose family lives away. Who can check on them? These residents, yes they are residents because this is where they live, are completely dependent on the staff to look after their every need.

Yet, the staff has their own family. Often the staff in nursing homes is required to work double shifts just to make ends meet. Who would want their jobs? Low pay, hard work is the daily routine for these workers.

In all the nursing home cases of abuse and neglect we have handled, the root cause for the abuse and neglect goes right up the corporate latter to the top. We see executives who make millions, while the staff is paid little more than minimum wage.

We all need to band together by contacting our representatives to improve the pay for staff to make nursing homes safer. You can go to “Nursing Home Compare” to see how the nursing home your loved one is living in compares to others. Do it today.