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Frank Bailey
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Swine Flu…Is It Worth $1.5 Billion Dollars?

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Last night President Obama went out of his way to change the name of this virus to the more scientific H1N1 and pledged $1.5 billion dollars to fight a possible pandemic.

I am thinking, how about $1.5 billion dollars dedicated to the prevention of hospital acquired infections, especially MRSA, a known killer that takes over 18,000 American lives a year. And that is according to the latest figures from the CDC. This MRSA bacteria infects an estimated 94,000 patients according to 2005 figures from the CDC, and what are we doing about it?

Where are our priorities? We spend $300,000 for a photo op of Air Force One over the Statute of Liberty, $1.5 billion to fight Swine Flu, but how much to wipe out MRSA, a terrible tragic killer that has been proved over and over again???

I think it is time we all contact our representatives and demand laws to force hospitals to clean up their act and implement the 2003 SHEA Guidelines for Preventing Nosocomial Transmission of MRSA.

Please comment with updated evidence based information and ideas to stop MRSA infections.