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Frank Bailey
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Swine Flu Shots…Are The Shots Dangerous?

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Rush Limbaugh says he is not taking a swine flu shot. He is a smart man. In today’s Arkansas Democrat Gazette Mike Masterson wrote an excellent article about the dangers of the shot. Should we trust our government about this? I’m not sure…

Apparently there are concerns about the mercury, aluminum and squalene contained in the shots. Are these compatible with good health? We should ask, who is making money from the shots? Are they willing to put our health at risk?

As Mr. Masterson writes, “[I]t’s hard to know what is best for us and ours. Do we risk a three day bout in bed with influenza or take this vaccine that may or may not have dire health implications now or in the future?”

If our government is willing to put caps on damages for medical malpractice to appease the insurance industry, and grant immunity to corporations if the swine flu shots cause injury, why should we trust our government about the safety of this vaccine?

I urge everyone to research this issue and not just follow the herd.