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Swine Flu and Hospital Acquired Infections

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Swine flu confirmed in a Queens school…what next? Although these cases are mild, is it possible this virus could mutate much like the viruses have in antibiotic resistant strains? Remember MRSA, C. diff, and VRE.

President Obama has been getting regular updates on this virus and apparently the World Health Organization has warned countries around the world to be on the alert for any unusual flu outbreaks. According to Yahoo News, a deadly swine flu strain in Mexico has killed up to 81 people and likely sickened 1,324 since April 13. The CDC has confirmed 11 cases of swine flu in California, Texas and Kansas in addition to the cases in New York.

What concerns me, is that this outbreak is minor compared to the incidences of MRSA infections contracted every day in our hospitals and nursing homes for failure to follow guidelines as simple as washing hands between patients. What has to be done to get the attention of health care workers and stop the spread of these hospital acquired infections?

Are lawsuits the answer? Surely there has to be some other way to get the attention of the administration in our hospitals and nursing homes…