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Stop Preventable Hospital Acquired Infections

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In the United States, we have a health-care system that’s been largely unaccountable to the public it serves. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has been collecting and analyzing infection rates from hospitals since the early 1070’s. But is this information available to the public? No. It is reported under an assurance of strict confidentiality.

Much is being done to force hospitals to report this information, but there is much work to be done. In Pennsylvania, the first state to publicly report hospital infection rates, the number of infections dropped by almost 8% between 2006 and 2007.

Here’s one way to protect yourself. Look online at leapfroggroup to see if your hospital makes its infection rate public. If it doesn’t, ask why…

1 Comment

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  1. sach says:
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    this information should be public. write your congress representative.