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Frank Bailey
Frank Bailey
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Medical Negligence and Tort Reform

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Medical negligence cases are not what the insurance industry would have us to think they are. One study conducted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services revealed
that only 1.53% of those injured by medical malpractice file a claim.

The same study indicated that a mere 8-13% of the claims filed by these injured patients or their survivors proceeded to trial; "and of these only 1.2-1.9% ended
with a verdict favorable to the plaintiff."

Medical malpractice cases account for an average of only four percent of tort cases. Where is the crisis? The truth is there is no crisis.

I call tort reform, the negligent doctor protection act! What we all need to do is to contact our representatives with our own personal stories about how we were prevented from receiving justice because the case was too expensive to prosecute due to tort reform. Then maybe our represenatives will wake up to the truth.