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Frank Bailey
Frank Bailey
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Medical Malpractice and Caps

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Caps on malpractice verdicts hurt a few severely injured people. Example: A twenty five year old patient loses her good leg because the surgeon amputates the wrong leg first and then has to amputate the correct leg. Is $250,000 sufficient to compensate that person for losing both legs for the rest of her life? Would you accept that amount? I think not. Juries should not be deprived of their ability to look at the case and judge reasonable compensation for the harms caused by the negligent physician without arbitrary caps on damages.

For most cases, caps will not apply, as the damages do not reach the cap. Only those cases of severely injured patients will be affected. Why punish a few in the name of tort reform?

If President Obama really wants to reform medical care in our country, the bill should not include caps on the money to compensate for the harm done to severely injured patients.

We all need to contact our representatives and say, "NO CAPS."