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Frank Bailey
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Hospital Acquired Infections Are Preventable

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Every year 99,000 people die from hospital acquired infections according the Center for Disease Control. Only recently has the government stepped in to do something about this tragedy. But the government is slow to act as you can imagine. The government has suggested that it will take five years to reduce the incidence of MRSA infections by 50%. Is this reasonable? Take a look at the guidelines (rules) set out by our government. I think these rules could be implemented in six months and save thousands of Americans from the agony of dying from a hospital acquired infection.

We have until February 6, 2009 to submit comments to Health and Human services about their plan. I urge you to submit a comment that you require a quicker timetable to save lives.

Strange that medical care providers want to keep their infection rates secret. Medical error legislation, H.R. 663, has already passed the House, and its Senate companion, S. 720, has cleared the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions. The Senate bill could come to the Senate floor shortly. We should all be up in arms about this secrecy law.

Ask your own lawmakers to file a bill this session to require MRSA screening and reporting of all infections. Here is a list of current bills.

Consumers Union, publisher of Consumer Reports has a web site where you can post your story about a hospital acquired infection. Over 1,000 patients have already posted their story. The more stories that are posted, the greater the pressure on lawmakers to vote against the Medical Error Legislation.

Together we can stop this needless killing.