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Frank Bailey

Bailey & Oliver File Class Action Against Toyota

The Bailey & Oliver Law Firm filed a class action lawsuit against Toyota in February 2010 because of the dangerous defects inherent in Toyota’s electronic throttle control systems.


Frank Bailey

Expansion of Long-Term Care Hospitals Driven by Profit

Dr. Jeremy M. Kahn of the University of Pennsylvania has received a federal grant to study long-term care hospitals, and the results are not good.
Long-term care hospitals are theoretically best…

Frank Bailey

Swine Flu and MRSA ST398

What if the reason young people are dying in Mexico and not in the US is because in Mexico it is Swine flu plus a bacteria known as MRSA ST398—piggy MRSA?
Tara C. Smith, Ph.D., is Assistant…

Frank Bailey

How Cell-Phones Cause Car Accidents

A survey of dangerous driver behavior was released in January 2007 by the Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. The survey found that 73% of drivers talk on cell phones while driving. Although the survey…