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Frank Bailey

Stop Preventable Hospital Acquired Infections

In the United States, we have a health-care system that’s been largely unaccountable to the public it serves. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has been collecting and analyzing…

Frank Bailey

Hospital Acquired Infections Can Be Prevented

Some hospitals have a zero rate of central line infections, while others have over 200% more infections than normal. How can this be?
Let’s look at the data. Central line infections occur…

Frank Bailey

Swine Flu Shots…Are The Shots Dangerous?

Rush Limbaugh says he is not taking a swine flu shot. He is a smart man. In today’s Arkansas Democrat Gazette Mike Masterson wrote an excellent article about the dangers of the shot. Should we…

Frank Bailey

The Negligent Doctor Protection Act

New efforts by the insurance industry to transfer the cost of caring for catastrophically injured Americans to taxpayers have surfaced. If the insurance industry is successful in its efforts to…

Frank Bailey

Never Events

Did you know that Medicare and Medicaid are no longer reimbursing for “never events” that happen in hospitals?
What are never events?

1. Vascular catheter-associated bloodstream…

Frank Bailey

Medical Malpractice and Caps

Caps on malpractice verdicts hurt a few severely injured people. Example: A twenty five year old patient loses her good leg because the surgeon amputates the wrong leg first and then has to amputate…

Frank Bailey

Medication Errors

Medication errors injure over a million patients a year. Medication errors are by far the most common medical error. A report by the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies, found than in…

Frank Bailey

Swine Flu…Is It Worth $1.5 Billion Dollars?

Last night President Obama went out of his way to change the name of this virus to the more scientific H1N1 and pledged $1.5 billion dollars to fight a possible pandemic.
I am thinking, how about…

Frank Bailey

Are MRSA and VRE More Serious Threats Than Swine Flu

Michael Bennett, a frequent contributor to my blogs submitted written testimony to the Maryland State Legislature Senate Finance Committee in 2008 supporting Senate Bill 102. In his testimony, Mr….

Frank Bailey

MRSA And The Consumers Union Web Page

Stop Hospital Infections.org is a terrific site with real people and real stories. This is the end all of all hospital acquired infection sites. The site is published by Consumers Union, the…