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Frank Bailey
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Toyota Sudden Acceleration Danger


Sudden acceleration of Toyota vehicles presents a present danger to the American public. In a recent series of sudden acceleration cases it has become apparent that floor mats have caused a number of unintended accelerations accidents.

Toyota has recalled the floor mats. In announcing the recall Toyota stated, “Recent events have prompted Toyota to take a closer look at the potential for an accelerator pedal to get stuck in the full open position…A stuck open accelerator pedal may result in very high vehicle speeds and make it difficult to stop the vehicle, which could cause a crash, serious injury or death.”

But, there may be an even more insidious danger…the electronic throttle control in the Camry, Camry Solara, Lexus ES 300 and ES 330s, Sienna, Tacoma and RAV4 vehicles beginning in the 2002 model year. When Toyota installed a new electronic throttle control for these vehicles, the number of unintended accelerations reported has increased.

NHTSA has received over 100 reports of incidents where the accelerator in Toyota vehicles has become stuck.

If you have one of these vehicles, it is critical you observe the recall of the floor mats. If you experience a sudden unintended acceleration, what can you do to avoid a crash? I welcome input from those of you who know more about what to do than I do. It seems to me that fast clear thinking without panic while applying the foot brakes, taking the vehicle out of drive and putting it into neutral, and finally turning off the ignition might prevent injury or death in these types of cases…


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  1. Barbara Lombardi says:
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    Frank, I was a little confused by the information related to the unintended acceleration and the electronic throttle control for specific Toyota models. My daughter has a 2005 RAV4; are you saying that if that part has been replaced there is an increased danger? Or is the danger in the original part? Thanks for the information.

  2. Frank Bailey says:
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    Barbara, go to the link “recalled”…The floor mat may slip foward. Be sure your floor mat is held in place and cannot slip under the accelerator. Hope this is clearer.

  3. Barbara says:
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    Frank, I do not see the RAV4 mentioned in the link of the models with recalled floor mats as mentioned in your post.

  4. Frank Bailey says:
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    The RAV4 has the new electronic throttle control that has given some users problems with unintended acceleration according to Sean Kane, head of Safety Research and Strategies, a Rehoboth, Mass., cousulting firm. It is not clear if it also has the floor mat problem. Take a look to make sure the floor mat is secured.